Apple Watch Adventures

Radio Deejay My favorite Italian Radio

My favorite radio is Radio Deejay and I would like to listen its content while I run. The radio offers a live streaming, the podcasts of every program, a selection of One Podcast show as well as several webradios streaming 24h/7. The iPhone app give access to these contents so I wondered if they have a back-end API available for development. It comes out that the app uses a server that provides JOSNs for each show and it is quite easy to access, then the only missing part to have the radio on the Apple Watch was to write an interface for their API. Well, I did it.

Radio Deejay

The app is very simple: the main interfaces has four tabs, one for the Lives (Radio or Deejay TV), the list of Radio Podcasts, the list of One Podcasts and the Webradios.

LiveRadio PodcastOne PodcastWebradio

The Live Radio plays the current streaming displaying a full screen artwork of the current song plus the information about the current show and song when the user tap on the screen. The Deejay TV shows the live video from the radio when available (for example for Deejay Chiama Iatalia) otherwise it streams the videos of the songs.

Radio ArtworkLive stream infoDeejay TV

The radio podcasts are divided in two tabs when available: one with the highlights of the show and another with the full episodes. The One Podcasts has the list of the episodes of the corresponding podcast.

Radio Podcast highlightsRadio Podcast episodesOne Podcasts Episodes

The webradios play directly the contents when they are clicked.

The audio player (except for the Video of Deejay TV) works in background so it is possible to listen the contents without blocking the watch on the application.

The contents of the application as well as the logo, images, brands etc. are owned by Elemedia S.p.A., GEDI, EXOR and the development of this app does not want ito infringe any copyright.


Apple requires a privacy disclaimer to submit applications to their store, so this is the one for Newtify Watch.

The app does not collect or share any data with anyone for profiling, advertisements, marketing or any other service.